Does Everyone on Your Team Know the Goals?

Transparency in business leadership is critical. When leaders are transparent, they build trust and credibility. Their teams generally have a more favorable view of them, as well as the company as a whole.

Transparency encourages open communication, problem-solving, and respect. These are the foundations of a strong company culture.

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The AI Survival Guide For Leaders

Artificial intelligence’s takeover is not an impending possibility — it’s here. We use GPS without a thought, accept guidance from customer service bots, and our interests quickly turn into smartphone recommendations. From these experiences, I can’t help but connect the dots to the impact they will have on the passion I hold professionally dear: leadership

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A Guide To All-Hands Meetings: Why You Should Have Them And One Reason Not To

Even with the pervasive anti-meeting bias in companies today, the all-hands meeting — sometimes referred to as a town hall — is likely the second-most important meeting that you should be having. Your leadership team meeting takes the top spot. After all, if there’s no coordination there, then there’s no need to gather everyone for an all-hands.

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