Taking Advantage of Executive Coaching

An executive coach is a qualified professional who helps their clients gain self-awareness, clarify goals, achieve development objectives and ultimately unlock their potential. Worldwide, executive coaching is a $3 billion per year industry. The American Management Association estimates that the need for coaching will increase in 2018. They also predict that executive coaching will continue…

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7 Things That Make a Difference At Work

The way we work is changing so significantly that our minds can’t keep up. Constant change is widespread, and workers are tasked with high demand while having low control over their environment. What’s the effect on the organization? A workforce with anxiety, burnout, sky-high stress, turnover and people checking out.

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Soft Skills For The Art Of A Successful Negotiation

In today’s competitive environment, there seems to be a notion that when a negotiation takes place, there is a winner and a loser — and no in-between. Often in business, there seems to be an idea that talks are a zero-sum game.

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Why People Lose Motivation — and What Managers Can Do to Help

At some point, every leader has dealt with a person — or, worse, a group of people — who has lost motivation. It’s frustrating, isn’t it? As much as we’ve been there ourselves, sometimes it’s hard to sympathize with others who are disengaged from work and unproductive as a result. Sometimes, we view their unhappiness as a bug in their mental makeup — and, therefore, we think they should be able to suck it up and snap out of it.

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How To Assess An Essential Leadership Capacity: Trusting Others And Inspiring Trust

by Prudy Gourguechon Republished from Forbes, February 25, 2018 Trust is a fundamental leadership capacity, and it works in two directions.  It’s pretty obvious that a leader needs to be able to inspire trust and be worthy of that trust.  It’s equally important that she has the capacity to trust others, a psychological strength has its foundations…

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How to Captivate an Audience With Your Next Presentation

We’ve all been in the audience when a presenter gets on stage and manages to get everyone interested in what they’re saying. You can probably also remember a time when the presenter has difficulty engaging with the audience, and the eyes of those in the audience begin to glaze over. For many people without public speaking experience, it can be difficult to avoid the latter scenario, but with practice, anyone can captivate an audience.

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In Sales? Your Personal Brand Matters More Than Ever

Beware of the social media guru! I recently read an article by one of them about why personal branding for a salesperson was useless.

Really? Let’s remember where we as sellers (and marketers) have come from.

In the past, the only way people got to find out about our products and services was by interrupting them. Either through advertisements or cold calling.

There was no internet, the buyer was pretty unsophisticated.

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